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The ExxonMobil Houston Campus is an ongoing project deliberately designed to be energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists advises taking the same attitude to ball-of-foot pain home remedies. Take steps to address your pain, yes, but it’s more efficient to prevent it in the first place. The best remedy is to plan ahead, as with a major construction project.

When considering home remedies for forefoot pain, a major tactic to keep the problem at bay is developing a smart exercise plan that’s right for you. Here are some guidelines to help:

  • Goals – You could begin working out by just aimlessly doing stuff, but it is more efficient to develop specific, manageable goals and design your workout plan from them.
  • Proper Equipment – Before you start walking or running, make sure that you have proper equipment, and this starts with the right pair of shoes. Properly-fitting footwear is essential for preventing an array of foot and ankle issues. Enlist the help of a knowledgeable sales associate to ensure a proper fit (not too tight, not too loose). Additionally, cushioning and arch support are essential features you need to pay attention to.
  • Pacing – It’s tempting to go to a gym and grab the heaviest weights or hit the road for a 10-mile run on your first day, but that could be disastrous. Too many people suffer from “too much, too soon” syndrome when they begin training. Be realistic about the intensity, duration, and frequency of your workout sessions. Remember, you had to crawl, then walk, and then run. A reasonable progression will keep you safe and help you stick with your program.
  • Variety – You could go to the gym, do bicep curls exclusively, and develop huge biceps. That would look awkward if the rest of you is skinny like a rail. Instead, mix it up. Many guys neglect “leg days” because the vanity muscles—chest, arms, shoulders—are all in the upper body. Women might spend hours doing cardio, but not use weights for fear of looking “too manly.” No matter your age, gender, or ability, you are best off cross-training to give your entire body a workout throughout the week.

If you need additional tips for starting a workout or some ball-of-foot pain home remedies, call our Sugar Land, TX office at (888) 784-5335 or use our online form to make an appointment today.

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