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The 2013 baseball season is in full swing for the Sugar Land Skeeters. After winning their April 18th season opener, the team is looking forward to a great season at Constellation Field. Whether you aspire to play professionally, or just enjoy watching your kids play summer ball, it’s important to be aware of common foot and ankle injuries that occur while playing baseball.

Baseball is not gentle on the feet. Pounding the dirt between bases, quick lateral movements while stealing, and quick starts and stops when fielding the ball create incredible stress and strain on the feet and ankles. Understanding the dangers to your feet will help you to prevent injuries, and act quickly if injury does occur.

The bat cracks, and the player runs full-speed to first base. This is just one example of a way that injuries to the ankles including sprains, fractures and tendon damage may happen. Unfortunately, some players try to play through the pain which results in long-term stability issues and sprains that reoccur frequently. If an ankle is twisted or turned beyond its normal range of motion, the affected player should seek medical attention immediately. There are different grades of sprains, and some are so severe that immobilization is necessary.

Practice and playing time are important for every athlete, but there are consequences when these efforts lead to overuse injuries. Plantar fasciitis is one of the main foot conditions that occur as a result. If athletes do not comply with resting the affected area, chronic heel pain can result. Proper footwear can help with heel pain, and will also assist in avoiding ball-of-the-foot pain, bunions, and neuromas.

Does foot pain have you on the Disabled List? Get back in the game! Call today for an appointment with Dr. Marco Vargas. Visit one of our three convenient locations: Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Houston, TX. You can call, or schedule an appointment online.

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