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Things are beginning to heat up now that the boys of summer are back. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of activity on the disabled list at this time, which is definitely a good thing. But that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down, not for a minute. Remember that foot and ankle injuries in the big leagues are a big problem.

Among the most common of injuries are sprained ankles. A sprain can occur when running, fielding a ball or landing after one of those glorious outfield catches. You know the kind, when the fielder runs half way up the wall and grabs the ball in the tip of his glove for the last out of the inning.

A sprain has to be treated. In many cases, rest, ice, compression and elevation will take care of a sprain. But in the world of major league baseball, a sprain means missed games and no one likes being out of the lineup. If a sprain is not given sufficient time to heal, it can result in continued ankle instability. That is why a sprain should be looked at and evaluated by Dr. Vargas, who can then develop an effective treatment plan for your full recovery.

Other common injuries that plague baseball players, termed overuse injuries include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Stress fractures

Also, be wary of developing conditions that may cause pain and aggravation if not treated. This may include neuromas and sesamoiditis, which can be caused by poorly fit cleats. Make sure your shoes are fit properly.

Our very own Sugar Land Skeeters are winding down a home series and getting ready for a road trip. But hey, no worries, they’ll be heading back on the 22nd for a week- long series. Get to Constellation Field for a game or two. It was good to see that Bubba Bell is back in the lineup, and his recent ankle injury didn’t keep him out long. Maybe you’ll see Dr. Vargas there as he proudly sponsors the Sugar Land Skeeters.

Be careful while climbing those stadium stairs. You don’t have to be playing the game to suffer an injury. If the unthinkable happens call Dr. Vargas at (281) 313-0090. He can set you straight.

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