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Basketball Safety Tips

So now that high school fall sports are coming to an end, the winter sports are just about to begin. With winter sports comes basketball season. So how does one get ready for the basketball season? Well many injuries that occur in basketball has to do with the feet and ankles. Whether it be ankle sprains or plantar fasciitis, sports injuries in basketball can be very serious. So to be ready for basketball season is to be ready to protect your feet and ankles.

The best way to protect your or your child’s feet and ankles is to get good basketball shoes. In order to have a descent pair of basketball shoes, there are a couple of things to look out for. First of all, make sure you get a pair that has a wide toe box, so that your toes will have plenty of room to move about as you’re running and constantly changing directions. Also, if there’s plenty of room, you won’t run the risk of developing blisters, corns or calluses, which are caused by constant rubbing. Second, make sure that the shoes have a well cushioned sole to protect your feet from the constant pounding from all the running you’ll be doing. Thirdly, get a shoe that has great traction so that you’ll be able to turn on a dime on the court. If you have a tendency towards ankle sprains, you’ll want to get high top shoes or at a least three-quarter shoe to give you better stability in the ankle area. For more tips on what makes a great basketball shoe, go to

If your ankles do tend to sprain, it might be worth wearing ankle braces plus the high tops. That way, though you will loose flexibility and a little agility, your ankles will have complete protection. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give the Foot and Ankle Associates a call at 281-313-0090 in Sugar Land and 281-342-8700 in Richmond/Rosenberg.

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