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The new school year has started, and your children may be deciding which athletics they want to participate in this year. Whether your child loves playing football or running cross country, their footwear plays a very important part in the safety of their feet. Sever’s disease is a condition that affects many young people, so consider that as well when purchasing new shoes.

Child Footwear

Staying safe is priority number one, especially for young children. Many adolescent athletes may experience the pain of Sever’s disease. This occurs when the growth plate in the heel becomes inflamed due to excessive strain. The pain may be unsettling and limiting, but fortunately it’s only temporary. As soon as your child finishes growing the epiphyseal plate will no longer be bothered. The main ways to treat Sever’s disease are by resting and icing the foot. You can have your child do stretches or wear an orthotic. However, one of the best ways to prevent this condition is by choosing the right footwear.

The most important quality in a shoe that will prevent Sever’s disease is shock absorption in the heel. That way your child’s heel will not bear the brunt of the force that is placed upon their feet when they are engaged in physical activity. There are many different types of shock absorbing materials out there. From gel to foam, it’s up to you and your child to find the right fit for them. There are also shoes that have removable insoles so you can try different ones to see what works best. It might take a lot of time to shop for the best shoes, but it will be so worth it to avoid the pain and hassle of Sever’s disease.

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