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The anatomy or structure of the foot makes it a complex mechanism. One quarter of the bones found in the human body exist in your two feet, along with all the muscles, tendons and ligaments necessary to make the foot function. The intricacy of the foot makes it susceptible to a variety of ailments, conditions, diseases and disorders, some of them rare and obscure. Foot problems that occur with frequency are at the forefront of research and receive a lot of coverage and time devoted. Problems that occur with less frequency are no less devastating, but limited information is available and research is relegated to the back burner. Such is the case of Jackson-Weiss Syndrome. Its rate of occurrence is so rare that there is no published statistic.

Jackson Weiss Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation in a specific chromosome. It is responsible for causing birth defects of the head, feet and face. It may appear as a first in the family, or it may be passed along from one generation to another. It affects both males and females with near equal frequency. Usually no deformity of the hands occurs, and intelligence and life expectancy fall within normal range.

One group of features commonly characteristic of Jackson-Weiss Syndrome is foot deformities, which may vary widely in severity. Common characteristics in the feet include:

  • Short and wide big toes
  • Big toe bends away from other toes
  • Bones of some toes may be fused together
  • Webbing between toes

Treatment for Jackson Weiss-Syndrome is generally surgical and is directed toward the specific deformity on an individual basis, and what may be done to correct it.

If you are affected by a deformity from Jackson-Weiss Syndrome, require treatment or need more information, contact Dr. Vargas at (281) 313-0090 or (281) 342-8700. Dr. Vargas and his knowledgeable staff look forward to your visit.


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