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Achilles Tendonitis In Sugar Land, Katy, & Houston, Texas (TX)

That Minor Calf or Heel Pain May Mean You Have Achilles Tendonitis. Read This Carefully Before Things Get Worse!

Achilles tendonitis in Sugar Land and Houston, TX, is an injury that happens when someone stresses the band of tissue that connects their heel bone to the calf muscles at the back of their lower leg (the Achilles tendon).

Who Is At Risk For Achilles Tendonitis?

achilles tendonitis in sugar land houston txUsually Achilles tendonitis happens when runners or athletes suddenly start to run faster or play harder than usual. Middle-aged people who play sports like tennis or basketball on the weekends can also be at risk. People who try to treat their injury at home without the help of a podiatrist in Sugar Land or Houston, TX, risk making the problem worse. A more serious case of Achilles tendonitis can lead to tearing or rupturing the tendon, so it is important to see a podiatrist right away for an evaluation if you or someone you love starts feeling pain after running or other sports activities.

How Will I Know If I Have Achilles Tendonitis?

Usually, your pain will begin as a slight ache in the back of your calf or above the heel. Running for long periods, climbing stairs, or sprinting can make the pain more severe. Your calves might also feel tender or stiff when you wake up in the morning. This feeling may fade as you go through a normal day.

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

The Achilles tendon can get weaker and make it more likely that you will get a tear – a painful injury that usually requires surgery. We strongly suggest that you see Podiatrist Dr. Marco A. Vargas to evaluate your case and prescribe treatment.

Could I Or Someone In My Family Be At Risk?

Does this list describe you or a family member you love?

  • Middle-aged man who plays weekend sports
  • Young or mature athlete with flat feet
  • Overweight
  • Plays sports or runs in worn out shoes
  • Likes to run in cold weather or up and down hills
  • Has high blood pressure
  • Takes fluoroquinolones – a type of antibiotic

If so, you or your family member may have increased risk for getting Achilles tendonitis. Please make sure that you and your loved ones wear good quality footwear when you run or play sports. Trained experts at Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists can measure your feet properly to be sure that shoes fit correctly. Call us at 281-313-0090 to set up a brief visit.

I Think I May Have Achilles Tendonitis. What Now?

Please call us to schedule an appointment or use this request form. Before you come to see Podiatrist Dr. Marco A. Vargas, write down and answer the following questions. Please give them to him at the appointment so that he can help you right away.Achilles Tendonitis Care & Treatment 1

  • Did the pain begin quickly or develop over time?
  • Does the pain hurt more at certain times of day? When?
  • Do your symptoms get worse after certain activities? What were you doing?
  • Do you take medications or supplements on a regular basis? Please list them.
  • What types of shoes do you wear when running or exercising?
  • Would you like us to properly fit you for good-quality athletic shoes?

Podiatrist, Dr. Marco A. Vargas may ask you the following 5 questions to help him decide whether you have Achilles tendonitis:

  1. Where exactly do you feel the pain?
  2. Does the pain feel better after you rest?
  3. Describe your normal exercise routine. Has it changed recently?
  4. Did you recently begin a new sport?
  5. What have you done to make the pain feel better?

What Happens Next?

Dr. Vargas, an award-winning podiatrist, uses high-tech equipment like digital X-rays or ultrasound right at our podiatry office in Sugar Land to let you know whether you have Achilles tendonitis in Sugar Land, TX. If you have it, he may recommend K-Laser™ Treatment and Orthotics – special inserts to support your heels, relieve tendon strain, and give your feet a cushion that protects you from any force on the Achilles tendon as you run or play sports.

Will I Need Surgery?

This is very unlikely, given Dr. Marco A. Vargas’ expertise and advanced technologies. It is very important that you see him right away if you think you may have Achilles tendonitis so that the situation does not get worse.


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