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If You Suffer From Ugly And Painful Bunions, You Are Not Alone!

bunion removal foot surgeon sugar land txAround one-third of all Americans and almost half of all women will develop bunions on their toes. Perhaps you already know how the pain and embarrassment from bunions can affect your happiness, work, and relationships.

If you live in the Sugar Land or Houston areas of Texas and suffer from bunions or other toe pain, our team at Foot & Ankle Associates wants to help you feel better. You may have heard in the past that no doctor can cure bunions. That is no longer true today. Dr. Marco Vargas, our award-winning and Spanish-speaking foot doctor in Sugar Land and Houston, TX, can help you understand what bunions are, where they come from, and ways we can stop your pain. He can help you regain an active and pain-free lifestyle in almost no time!

How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

A bunion is a bump that begins to form when the big toe joint is crooked and juts outward. This strange bump forces the big toe to bend inward toward the other toes until, Ouch! The pain feels unbearable. Here are some things you may notice:

  • The skin over the bump gets tender and red
  • Shoes you bought for comfort begin to pinch your feet
  • Your feet hurt badly as the big toe joint flexes when you walk
  • Pain from bursitis, as the small fluid-filled sacs in the joint get swollen
  • Your big toe crosses under or over the second toe as your bunion grows
  • Eventually, your second or even third toe may become crooked
  • A very large bunion can cause constant pain – and even arthritis

Where Did Your Bunion Come From?

If you’re a woman, you can often blame tight-fitting, narrow, and/or high-heeled shoes. This explains why so many more women get bunions than men. You may blame genes for your bunions if other family members havw weak feet. You may also develop bunions from issues related to arthritis. If one leg is longer than the other, a bunion can form on the foot of the longer leg.

Will I Need Bunion Removal Surgery?

The short answer is, “Possibly.” Lots of people with bunions delay seeing a Houston foot doctor because they have heard awful stories from friends and family who went to a bad foot surgeon. Please don’t suffer like that! You need to choose your Sugar Land or Houston, TX, foot doctor carefully. Here are some things that can happen if you don’t:

  • Your bunion can return
  • Your big toe joint can get so stiff that you can hardly move it
  • You can develop more pain than before

Dr. Vargas is an expert podiatric surgeon in Sugar Land and Houston, TX, who you can trust to treat or remove a bunion. Sometimes all you may require is wearing larger, more comfortable shoes. In the event patients do need bunion removal surgery, treatment takes around 30 minutes and patients begin walking again on the same day. In just 2-3 weeks, they can go back to wearing regular shoes. Expect only mild to moderate pain for the first few days.

Do I Have Other Options For The Treatment & Removal Of My Bunion?

Frequently, Dr. Vargas will prescribe the following treatment for bunions:

  • Resting your feet
  • Taking foot baths
  • Choosing shoes with wide toes
  • Taking Motrin or Advil to relieve pain
  • Wearing bunion pads or splints
  • Having custom insoles made for you
  • Getting injections of cortisone

When You Deserve The Best

Bunion Foot Surgeon Houston TXDr. Marco Vargas, an award-winning foot doctor in Sugar Land and Houston, TX, has extensive education and training to diagnose and treat Houston-area residents suffering from bunions. Here, we use the most up-to-date diagnostic and surgical equipment. Many people recommend Dr. Vargas to friends and family because he has successfully brought their feet back to good health. If you have concerns, rest assured that you are in good hands. We will be with you every step of the way—from the start, all the way through recovery.

Don’t wait until the pain turns into something more serious. We can bring you fast relief!

Call (281) 313-0090 / (888) 784-5335 to speak with our warm, welcoming foot care team at Foot and Ankle Associates. You can also fill out our online contact form. We understand your special needs and work tirelessly to give you the very best in foot care. Call our Sugar Land, TX, podiatry office or Houston, TX, podiatry office today. In a hurry to feel better? We offer same day appointments, too!


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