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Heel Pain


Does Heel Pain Disturb Your Daily Living? Don’t Let It!

Houston Podiatrist Dr. Vargas Can Help Your Feet Feel Better At Your Very First Visit.

Heel Pain Foot Doctor Houston TXMany busy Houston, Texas, area people just like you say they suffer from heel pain. In fact, heel pain can affect anyone at any time. Most people who feel pain under the heel or in the area directly behind it believe that they just have to “live with it.” Would it surprise you to know they are wrong?

When you or someone you love does nothing to fix the problem, long-term, suffering and pain begin to affect our work, play, and relationships. If you continue to ignore heel pain, you can develop chronic, long-term problems – and even serious disabilities!

Sometimes ankles or feet get out of position. This can cause very bad pain in your heels. Famous athletes and many others have found fast relief using an implant called HyProCure®.

Dr. Vargas is one of the only podiatrists in the Houston, TX area who has special training to relieve foot pain using HyProCure®.

So What Is Causing Your Heel Pain?

Of the 26 bones in the human foot, the biggest is the heel bone. It supports your entire body weight when you walk or run. Imagine all the stress that bone takes! Look at this long list of reasons why you may be experiencing heel pain:

  • Plantar Fasciitis: By far the most common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis happens when the ligament running from the heel bone to the tip of your foot (plantar fascia) becomes irritated and/or inflamed. The pain feels worse when you have rested for a long time and when you stand or walk a lot.
  • Heel Spurs: This problem is often related to plantar fasciitis. When there is too much stress on the plantar fascia ligament, it can begin to pull away from the bone. The body’s natural reaction is to form a bony growth, which complicates the problem and can be very painful.
  • Achilles Tendonitis: This condition is considered a long-term (chronic) problem. When the Achilles tendon is damaged and does not heal correctly, it can become thickened due to tiny tissue tears. This, in turn, causes it to weaken and results in severe pain. In the worst cases, the tendon can actually rupture.
  • Heel Bursitis: The bursa, which is a sac filled with fluid on the heel, becomes inflamed and causes pain at the back of or deep inside the heel. The pain can become worse and worse as the day goes on. This condition is most often caused by the stress of landing hard on the heels.
  • Flat Feet: This condition typically causes daily pain and can happen to both children and adults. After years of walking, your arches may start to become flat. When this happens you will start to experience heel, back, knee, and even hip pain.

Besides these, you could feel heel pain from foot stress fractures, bruised heel syndrome, over-pronation, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, Paget’s disease, Severs disease (most common in children and teenage athletes), infections, gout, diabetes, and arthritis. Do you know what is causing your foot pain? Let us help you find out so that you can start living pain free!

How We Relieve Your Heel Pain With K-Laser & Other Treatment

Heel Pain Laser TreatmentMany people throughout the Houston area know podiatrist Dr. Vargas for the complete and caring way he treats patients. At Foot & Ankle Associates of Sugar Land and Houston, Texas, we provide many options to relieve heel pain and we can find just the right treatment for you. Often, our patients find that K-Laser™ treatments or Laser Therapy provide just the relief they need. To use this treatment, Dr. Vargas focuses a laser to help repair tissue in the trouble area. If that gentle treatment method sounds good to you, please give us a call at 281-313-0090 for more information or to schedule a personal meeting with Dr. Vargas, a bilingual Colombian-American who would love to meet you in person.

Dr. Vargas, an award-winning podiatrist in the Houston area will begin by examining your foot and asking you to describe your problem. He will then use the most technologically advanced medical equipment and techniques to get to the cause of your heel pain and begin treatment.

Do not wait until the pain turns into something more serious. We can bring you fast heel pain relief.

Call 281-313-0090 / 888-784-5335 to speak with our warm, welcoming foot care team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Sugar Land and Houston, Texas. You can also fill out our online contact form. We understand your special needs and work tirelessly to give you the very best in foot care. In a hurry to feel better? We offer same day appointments, too!

In just over 15 years, Dr. Vargas has successfully helped over 50,000 patients in the Sugar Land & Houston areas of Texas. Foot & Ankle Associates provides advanced technology that can find the cause of your foot pain and help you to heal fast. 90% of our patients tell us that they get relief from pain right at the first visit!

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Foot & Ankle Associates located in Sugar Land, Texas (TX) and Houston, Texas (TX) treats all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Over 50,000 happy patients have found relief for their foot and ankle pain with the help of licensed podiatrist, Dr. Marco Vargas. can help bring you foot and ankle pain relief.

Our Sugar Land & Houston podiatry offices offer the most effective and state-of-the-art, quality podiatry care with a smile to patients in our local community. Return to a pain-free life and get back to the things you love! Call 281.313.0090 today!

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