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Footwear for Heel Pain Hiking Woes

Cullen Park Hike and Biking Trail is a wonderful place to go with the whole family. You can hike it year round, and it works for all skill levels. If you are suffering from heel pain, you might want to think about changing your footwear. Sometimes a simple switch in shoes is all you need to relieve the discomfort. Don’t let plantar fasciitis pain keep you at home while everyone else is enjoying the great outdoors.

Running on Trail

Plantar fasciitis is one of the number one causes of heel pain. It occurs when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed. This is the thick band of tissue that runs along the entire length of your foot from heel to toe. It supports our whole body weight, so as you can imagine it’s under a great amount of stress. This strain becomes even worse with added pressure, for instance in people who do a lot of running or jumping, and people who are overweight. If you notice sharp, stabbing pains in your heel that is worse in the morning or after a period of overuse, it’s most likely due to this condition.

Treating this condition is relatively simply and can usually be done with conservative methods. It’s important to rest from the activity that is causing the inflammation. You should also be on the lookout for a good footwear with supportive arches. We can also fit you with custom orthotics to add more of the support you may need. We may prescribe medication for the pain, or recommend certain physical therapy stretches that can help strengthen the muscles that tie directly to the heels. We have other treatments for more severe cases, as well. It’s important to know all your options and make decisions based on what is best for your unique circumstances.

For more information regarding plantar fasciitis treatment call Dr. Marco Vargas and Dr. Joyce Lee at (888) 784-5335 to schedule an appointment at Foot & Ankle Associates in Houston.
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