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Mud Challenger(1)

Summer is a great time to find fun running opportunities. On August 17, Houston will welcome the Mud Challenger, which is sure to be as thrilling as it is dirty. Mud, obstacles, and a team environment will set the stage for this race where the course challenges were created by the elite Armed Forces—the Navy Seals and Black Ops. This change of pace to your normal running routine will bring back the thrill of the sport.

Renewing your passion for running is important, but changes in your workout will also aid in the prevention of tendinitis. This overuse injury affects the Achilles tendon which is vital in the movement of the feet. If it is damaged, you will feel pain with every movement of the affected foot. However, many athletes refuse to rest their injuries, and what could have been a short-term problem turns into a chronic issue that limits their strength and endurance.

Pain in the area of this tendon should never be ignored. Using the RICE method of home care is the first step in treating your injury. Calf stretches can also provide some relief. With care and rest, you can avoid a trip to our office. However, if you try to ignore overuse injuries, you will need more extensive medical care from our podiatrists down the road.

Once you have recovered from tendinitis, re-enter the running world with caution. If you’ve been swimming or biking as exercise alternatives, continue those activities and add toe raises. Doing these without pain is an indicator that you can gradually begin high-impact activities once again. Ease into it, and stop immediately if pain resumes.

Don’t miss out on adventure courses of all types. The experts at Foot and Ankle Associates are here to help you keep your feet on the right path. Make an appointment with Dr. Marco Vargas today by scheduling an appointment online, or calling one of our three, convenient Texas locations.

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