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How to Navigate the Holidays with Wheelchairs or Crutches

If you are like many Americans around this time of year who are getting surgery because your insurance deductibles are already paid, or because you have more time off without having to take vacation time, or both. Or you might already be in a wheelchair for one reason or another. The one thing you might have to think about is how it will be getting around these holidays.

Because of the colder weather, snow and ice, it will be especially challenging navigating yourself around outside. If you are new to the whole concept of propelling yourself through the elements, there is a couple things to make sure to watch out for. While we don’t get much snow in Sugar Land, Texasre is always the chance it might come. We do get ice though, so make sure you watch out for those icy spots, especially if you walking with the assistance of crutches! If you hit an icy spot, make sure to go slow. Going fast or panicking will just put you at a higher risk of falling or crashing, which could undue any surgery your might have just gotten done. Make sure to have someone help you get around especially if there is a lot of ice or snow out. One thing you might consider doing too is to put an old towel by the door to your house so that you can wipe down the wheels or the end of the crutches so that you don’t track in snow or water. If you’re going to someone else’s house, you could just pack a small towel in a bag to keep it dry. Make sure to be safe and take your time getting around this holiday season and winter.

If you are thinking of getting surgery on your feet or ankles, talk to us at Foot & Ankle Associates. Dr. Marco Vargas would love to help you through education and even can perform the surgery himself if you would like. We wish for you to be safe and have a happy holiday season!

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