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Bone spurs are a common annoyance of the foot. They usually affect the heels, near the toes or atop of the big toe. They are harmless outgrowths of bone, but the location can become the problem. Often it is susceptible to friction and irritation caused by footwear, and this can lead to additional foot problems.

Heel spurs are bone spurs that impact the underside and forward area of the heel bone. They form when the ligament places excessive tension on the bone. As the bone attempts to repair itself, the outcrop of bone occurs. Heel spurs can be very painful and irritating. A Heel spur can form at the back of the heel from wearing shoes that are too tight. This may be referred to as a pump bump because of the high heels that women wear.

Not all bone spurs are problematic, but if they press on other bones or soft tissue cumulative effects cause a wearing down of the tissue and results in pain, swelling and tearing of tissues. If a build-up of tissue occurs to protect the foot from the bone spur, corns and calluses may develop. In many instances, bone spurs require no treatment, but if they do, there are a number of approaches that can be taken. Dr. Vargas may choose to treat your:

  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Or bone spur itself

An example of treating a cause may be weight loss in order to lessen pressure on joints. Also, an ultrasound or deep tissue massage may help. Treating symptoms may include rest, ice, stretching exercises or change of footwear. If calluses or corns are present, padding may help, or orthotics which firmly cup the heel. NSAIDs or injection therapy may also lessen discomfort. Dr. Vargas has an in house orthotics lab and can customize inserts that will help relieve the discomfort of your bone or heel spurs.

If your bone spur does not respond to conservative treatment methods, Dr. Vargas may recommend surgical correction for you. This determination to go ahead with surgery would take into consideration the severity of your case and your lifestyle. Surgery has its own risks, so the pros and cons would have to be weighed carefully after a complete evaluation. If you suspect you have a bone spur or heel spur, call Dr. Vargas at (281) 313-0090 or (281) 342-8700 and take your first step toward pain free steps.

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