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Selection Sunday has passed, and the Big Dance has begun once again! How are you doing on your brackets so far? Has your favorite team advanced, or are they already headed home? March Madness is no exaggeration when it comes to the excitement that comes with each game. Unfortunately, injuries are also a part of basketball action. Some we see as they happen (and re-watch in slow motion again and again), but other, like overuse injuries, go unseen.

Although they may be less dramatic, overuse injuries in basketball are very common and debilitating. These types of injuries occur due to repeated stress on a particular part of the foot. Basketball requires very fast footwork. Combine that with the impact of running down the floor, and you have the recipe for painful overuse conditions.

The Achilles tendon is used in running and jumping, and gets a major workout from a game of hoops. The tendon runs from the calf to the heel, and can become inflamed when it is overworked. Making sure that the calf is properly stretched prior to play is very important.

The plantar fascia is the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot from the toes to the heel. Heel pain is often associated with the inflammation and overstretching of this tissue. The condition is known as plantar fasciitis. Symptoms include pain that may be worse in the morning and then subside. However, if left untreated, pain may become constant.

Basketball players aren’t the only ones who experience overuse injuries. Are you experiencing pain in your feet? Call the office of Dr. Marco Vargas today, and get your feet back in the game. Make an appointment at one of our three locations: Missouri City, TX, Sugarland, TX, or Houston, TX. You can also schedule online.
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