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I injured my foot while running and playing softball. I initially thought it was just a sprain, treated it as a sprain (RICE) but decided to get an x-ray just to be sure. The Dr’s at St. Michael’s Surgery told me x-rays were negative – all I had a bone bruise. Feeling confident this was nothing to worry about I followed the advice I was given, rest and ice, and tried running again. With the return of the pain as severe as it was the first time, I went for a second opinion to Methodist Orthopedic Specialists, and after another x-ray and MRI, both negative, and being told it was just a bruise, I was still in pain. I then decided I needed to visit a podiatrist and selected Dr. Vargas because his office location was convenient. Up to the point I visited Dr. Vargas, I had “wasted” almost six weeks dealing with the effects of mis-diagnosis and the resulting pain. Dr. Vargas ordered a CT scan, which showed a fracture of the second metatarsal. He immediately prescribed a walking boot and physical therapy. Six weeks later a second CT scan showed successful bone fusion, I am out of the boot and walking with a little stiffness which is normal due to inactivity, but pain free – just like Dr. Vargas originally predicted.

Over the course of my visits to Dr. Vargas’ office, his entire staff (receptionist, office manager, nurse and physical therapist) were extremely professional, courteous and proactive, and always went the extra mile to ensure I was getting the absolute best care and support that could be provided.

Dealing with Dr’s in general when you have a medical issue is never “fun”, but I can say that my entire experience with Dr. Vargas and his staff was as pleasant as it could be, and I would not hesitate to recommend him if you have foot related problems and live in the Sugar Land area.*

Stan B. of Sugar Land,Texas

“As an athlete my feet and ankles are key to my success. A few months ago I was having pain from an ankle sprain. I was afraid to go to the doctor for fear of down time in my training schedule. I did not have time to be in a brace or cast! Dr. Vargas was able to treat my ankle in less than a week! Dr. Vargas performed three laser treatments on my ankle and in no time I was back on my feet working out and training. I am thankful for Dr. Vargas and his staff for helping me get back on my feet and back to my athletic goals!”*

Mark of Sugar Land,Texas

“I was referred to Dr. Marco Vargas with Foot and Ankle Associates by my primary care doctor because of foot pain I was experienced from a previous bunion surgery with a different podiatrist. My foot would hurt after only walking a short distance, even when I wore athletic shoes or slippers. I thought I would have to just live with the pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Vargas and was happy that I was able to get in to see him so quickly. Unfortunately, after examining my foot, Dr. Vargas presented me with the news that I would have to have corrective surgery. I didn’t want to have surgery again because I remembered my bad surgery experience from before. But Dr. Vargas’ caring and understanding bedside manner put me at ease and I went ahead with the surgery. To my surprise, the surgery was a very pleasant experience. I had little discomfort and my foot healed up with almost no scarring. Dr. Vargas recommended physical therapy to assist with my recovery, which I was able to do conveniently in his office. My whole experience was great and Dr. Vargas and his staff are wonderful! The best part for me, though, is that I can now wear athletic shoes, slippers and heels with no pain.”*

Hilda from Missouri City, Texas

“Dr. Vargas Is Amazing… His work speaks for itself. The new technique on my left foot with steel wire is incredible. Three days after my foot was not even an ugly mess like I thought it would be.”*

Aida from Richmond, Texas

“He and his staff were absolutely heaven-sent! Dr. Vargas really took the time to answer all my questions. The surgery’s an out-patient procedure, and I went to the same building as his office. One wonderful thing they did was putting a tube with pain medicine, called a pain pump, in my leg, instead of giving me lots and lots of pain pills. After the surgery on Friday, they called to follow-up on Sunday. I was ready to take out the pain pump and move on…I had no pain at all! What really amazed me most was the level of care I received from Dr. Vargas and all his staff from my appointment through my surgery and physical therapy. I’d recommend them to anyone….and Dr. Vargas did a fantastic job!”*

Cynthia of Sugar Land, Texas

“I noticed an unattractive little bump on the side of my foot, and it hurt every time I tried to put my foot into a shoe…so I went to see Dr. Vargas. He has a great bedside manner, and I didn’t have any pre-surgery jitters. My recovery time was really short, and now my bunion is completely gone. Even the scar is completely healed and really hard to see.”*

Kimberly of Houston,Texas “A former standout college basketball player”

“Dr. Vargas, where no other Dr. gave Rylie hope, you did, from day one. I’ll never forget the look on Rylie’s face when you said “I think she has something else wrong.” It was like “Thank you, someone understands”. Rylie is now working out with a trainer 3 times a week and smiling every time I pick her up. I said, “Rylie, why are you smiling after your workout?” She replied with, “Mom, do you realize how long it’s been since I have been able to do something? And it feels so GOOD!!!”*

Thank you Dr. Vargas for all you have done for Rylie. She is truly walking around like she has all the confidence in the world. You are truly amazing!!!!!*

Bambi from Orange,Texas



Winning a game or taking care of your family means a lot to you. Pain should not get in the way! We can successfully treat hundreds of foot problems.
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"My whole experience was great and Dr. Vargas and his staff are wonderful! The best part for me, though, is that I can now wear athletic shoes, slippers and heels with no pain."

Hilda hilda 5 star review

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