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Pediatric Foot Doctors in Katy, TX

Our Experts Can Help Your Child’s Foot Problems

pediatric foot doctors in sugar land and houston txWhether your child is taking their first steps or scoring a soccer goal for the varsity team, they depend on you and our pediatric foot doctors in Katy, TX, to provide them with healthy and strong feet. Treat their feet well from the time they are born, and they will thank you for life!

Pay Attention to Your Baby’s Feet

Did you know that the human foot has 26 bones? It is a complicated part of the body that includes blood vessels, muscles, and nerve systems. Think about all the things that can go wrong! Young kid’s feet are soft – hard surfaces, bangs, and bumps can really affect them – and even lead to deformities.

A baby’s feet grow a lot during their first year! Dr. Vargas pays close attention to children’s feet during this crucial growth period because finding and treating foot problems early can prevent a child from missing out on things they’d love to do later in life as they grow.

Four Steps to Ensure Your Baby’s Foot Health

  1. Observe your baby’s feet. If you see something that looks abnormal about their feet or how they walk, contact us right away. If left untreated, many deformities will never correct themselves.

2. Avoid putting shoes or booties on. These can stop feet and toes from developing normally.

3. Let your baby’s feet kick freely. Doing this gives them exercise and gets their feet ready to bear their childhood and eventually adult weight.

4. Move them around. Changing your baby’s position often is very important. If they stay in the same spot too long, their feet and legs can get strained.

Check if Your Baby is Walking Normally

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Babies can’t speak for themselves, and not all children will tell you if they feel foot pain. After a baby starts walking, it is important to check the way they move. Sometimes, kids walk on the tips of their toes, and it looks cute or funny. However, it can signal a developing foot problem or potentially cause a foot problem as the feet and ankles grow if done frequently. Allow our podiatrist to examine your baby’s or child’s feet so that you can feel confident he or she will have no serious foot or ankle problems later in life. Here are some other walking and other behaviors you might notice that you should seek advice for:

  • Flat footedness
  • Inward-turning “pigeon” toes
  • Tripping a lot
  • Kicking shoes off

Of course, if you have a family history of foot problems, you should definitely bring them in to see our doctor to be sure their feet develop normally once your child begins walking.

The Right Shoes For Your Baby

As your child’s feet grow and develop, you need to change their shoe and sock size to make sure their feet have room to grow. Although most children’s foot problems result from injury, family genes, deformities, or illness, shoes that do not fit right can aggravate tiny feet and lead to serious problems. Always measure your child’s feet before you buy their shoes and make sure the shoe fits the foot.

Do not let your child wear “hand-me-down” shoes. The shoes their sibling or cousin wore have molded to their own feet. They will not be a comfortable fit for your child. Also, when children share shoes they can spread nail fungus or athlete’s foot!

Pay attention to signs of foot irritation. If your child’s feet look red, it is likely their shoe is too tight or too loose. If they want to take off their shoes all the time, it might be their way of telling you that their feet hurt. At least once a week, take a look at the heels of your young child’s shoes. If your child points toes inward when he or she walks, the heels will show signs of uneven wear. This could indicate a foot problem that Dr. Vargas should evaluate for your child’s long-term safety and well-being.

Five Tips Before Buying Shoes

  1. Finding Good Athletic Footwear for Children Ask a foot expert to measure your child’s feet before you buy shoes. We have specially trained people at Foot & Ankle Specialists that can do this for you.

2. Shoes fit children differently. Ask your child how their feet feel and how they like the shoes. They should feel comfortable right away.

3. Observe how they walk in the shoes. Make sure there is a little room in the toe for growth, but not too much. We can help you with this.
4. Shop for shoes during the late afternoon or evening. It is best to fit shoes when feet are at their largest because feet swell during the day.
5. One of your child’s feet will probably be bigger than the other. Always choose shoes that fit the larger foot.
If your child will wear socks or tights with the shoes, make sure they wear them when they try the shoes on.

First Steps

Never try to force a child to walk before they feel ready. They will walk on their own when they feel comfortable and stable enough to stand and step. Also, do not compare their progress to other children’s. Did you know that some babies begin walking at ten months old, while others can take up to 8 months longer? Some children feel happy to crawl about until they are over a year and a half old, and for some, that is perfectly acceptable. If they have not taken their first steps by that time, though, we recommend calling our office so he can inspect their feet for any problems!

When indoors, allow toddlers to walk barefoot. This will allow their feet to grow normally, develop strong muscles, and a grasping action with their toes. Naturally, if they go outside or the floor is rough or dangerous, you should protect your baby’s feet with flexible, lightweight shoes made from natural materials that breathe. If you are not sure about your baby’s shoes, please bring them to us to evaluate them. We will be delighted to help you find just the right shoes for your baby!

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