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K-Laser Treatment


Get Back in the Game Without Surgery!

Foot & Ankle Associates provides advanced technology solutions like K-Laser™ right at our Sugar Land, TX, podiatry office that can find the cause of your foot pain and help you to heal fast. 90% of our patients tell us that they get relief from pain right from the first visit!

K-Laser Treatment Sugar Land TXProfessional trainers use the K-Laser™ to increase circulation and draw water, oxygen, and important nutrients to an injured foot or ankle. The process reduces inflammation and swelling, stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms. Often, K-Laser™ means that hurt athletes do not need medicine or surgery to reduce or end their pain. When Houston Astros players get bruises, tendonitis, strained muscles and contusions, they have a K-Laser™ machine standing by in the training room to get fast pain relief. What’s even better, is that you can receive this same world-class treatment right in our Sugar Land, TX, podiatry office!

What is K-Laser™ Therapy?

K-Laser™ therapy’s secret is the way it uses red and near-infrared light waves to improve your healing time, reduce pain, increase circulation, and stop swelling. During therapy, the laser light works deep at your tissues’ cellular level – bringing oxygen-rich red blood cells to the area that hurts. Soon the cells increase their metabolic activity, rapidly transporting nutrients across cell membranes to where they are most needed. This produces the cellular energy (ATP) that cells need to form and stay healthy. Damaged cells resume working normally. You start feeling back on your game.

How Does the Process Work and Feel?

K-Laser Treatment Houston TXIn every way, Dr. Vargas can customize the K-Laser™ to your needs to get you quick, non-surgical relief in most cases. He will adjust the K-Laser™ settings based on the way you describe your pain, as well as the length of time you have had it. He then directs the laser at your hurt foot or ankle, where it provides you just the right amount of targeted light to begin healing. Sugar Land, TX, Podiatrist Dr. Vargas can actually adjust the K-Laser™ to your very own skin color too. This is important as the melanin in your skin determines the way you absorb light.

Treatments last for 10 minutes or less, so you can get in and out quickly and back to your life! The number of treatments you will need depends on your foot complaint. Many of Dr. Vargas’ patients get complete pain relief at the first visit. Others will need 3 – 6 visits or more. We recommend that you have K-Laser™ treatment on a regular basis to keep your cells healthy and you pain free.

Is K-Laser™ Safe?

K-Laser™ is completely safe with no known serious side effects. A few patients report minor pain or aggravation at the site of a past injury, but most patients say they feel nothing at all during treatment, except for a little warmth or tingling as the laser goes to work on the pain. Even if you have a metal implant, broken skin, or an acute injury, K-Laser™ will not hurt you. If you have recently had a cortisone shot, please let the podiatrist know. Steroids are sensitive to light, so you should wait for at least seven days before using the K-Laser™ to be sure you get optimal results.

Since the 1970s, European athletes have enjoyed the clinically proven benefits of laser therapy. Now, with Dr. Vargas at Foot & Ankle Associates of Sugar Land, Texas, you can, too!

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Foot & Ankle Associates located in Sugar Land, Texas (TX) and Houston, Texas (TX) treats all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Over 50,000 happy patients have found relief for their foot and ankle pain with the help of licensed podiatrist, Dr. Marco Vargas. can help bring you foot and ankle pain relief.

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