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November 9 and 10 promise to be a feast of color and action as the 24th Annual Native American Championship Pow Wow comes to Traders Village – Houston. Tribes from across the United States come to participate in this two-day event chock full of dance contests, artisan displays, traditional food, and more. It’s a place to meet old friends, or to learn about the rich Native American heritage.

Part of that heritage is the traditional moccasin, and many people enjoy wearing this type of shoe made of animal skin or more contemporary material. Moccasins are noted for their comfort, but they may not always have the arch support your feet need. Be sure you buy a well-constructed pair that cushions and supports your feet adequately. If you wear orthotic inserts, you will want to make sure they will fit into your moccasins and leave adequate room for your toes to move about.

Before you walk around for several hours watching dancers from 2 years old to 80 demonstrate their precision footwork, you may want to check your old pair of moccasins for excessive wear. These shoes stretch as they age, and that pair that cradled your feet so lovingly a couple of years ago may now be too loose or worn out. Don’t let your afternoon of fun be spoiled by aching feet.

If you notice pain in your feet after being on them a while, Dr. Marco Vargas and Dr. Joyce Lee can get to the root of the problem. Call the Foot & Ankle Clinic at 888-784-5335 for great foot care in the Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Houston areas. Enjoy the Pow Wow!

photo credit: maia hopes. via photopin cc

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