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Same Day Appointments Available

How many steps do you take per minute when you run? Runners who go the distance typically take 180, but that can vary depending on the pace set for a particular type of race. Still, it’s a good baseline for setting your running cadence.

Practice makes perfect, so once you’ve figured out your cadence for each pace, work at it. Calculate your steps per minute during the course of the run. Don’t forget to have fun—run to music that is in time with your steps to keep the run exciting. It’s likely that you’ll need to make adjustments along the way, so feel free to reduce your goal and work up from there. Drills such as sprinting downhill will help get your feet moving a little faster.

Keep your foundation in good working order by stretching the calf muscles, ankles, and feet prior to any type of high-impact exercise. Runners should be aware of the importance of quality footwear that fits well. Foot pain can occur at any pace, so listen! Rest will often resolve the discomfort, but if you choose to push through the pain, you will cause more damage. Your running form literally impacts each step you take, so take your cadence seriously and ask for help if you need it.

Staying fit is important to your overall well-being and the health of your feet. Don’t let pain get you off course, schedule an appointment with Dr. Marco Vargas today. Call one of our three convenient Texas locations: Sugar Land, Houston, or Missouri City. Online scheduling is also available.

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