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Shake a Leg in Houston: Then Check Your Feet!

Dancing is something that millions of people everywhere enjoy doing. It is a great way to express oneself as well as get some exercise. But how does it effect your feet and what are the most common injuries that dancers face?

One of the most common injuries is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a pain in mostly the heel of the foot. The pain is usually most intense in the morning, when you get out bed and your feet hit the floor. The problem is with the Plantar Fascia, when it is over strained due to the jumping of dancing. What happens is that the Plantar Fascia is stretched beyond it’s limits and the soft tissue is torn. The reason why the pain hurts most when you get out of bed is that the soft tissue was repairing itself, but by putting pressure on your feet, that soft tissue re-tears again. Best to rest the feet and ice them as much as possible.

The other most common injury is stress fractures. Stress fractures usually happen in the shins or the ball of the feet for dancers, especially for ballet dancers, since they put extreme amounts of stress on their toes and shins. Make sure to protect your feet as much as possible if you are a ballet dancer. If isn’t fun to have to sit out because of an injury, and stress fractures will keep you out a long time. Ways to prevent it is to wear proper dance shoes, ones that protect your feet as much as possible, and to work on learning proper techniques while dancing.

If you have any questions, have an injury already or are thinking about taking up dancing, but have questions how to prevent injury, Dr. Marco Vargas would love to talk to you. Contact him at Foot & Ankle Associates.

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