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If you’ve ever taken in a Houston Astros game you probably wonder how they manage to run and slide so much without suffering from ankle sprains all the time. Baseball players have their fair share of foot injuries, but they take special precautions to avoid things like fractures and sprains so they can stay in the game.

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A sprain is a ligament injury that occurs when your ankle rolls or twists in an unnatural way. This can happen when you play sports (such as running bases or playing tennis) or from a misstep while you are out and about running errands. Ligaments are meant to stabilize our joints, and when they become damaged other problems may occur. For example you may notice that your joints become more unstable and it can even lead to arthritis if left untreated.
It’s easier to prevent a sprain in the first place than it is to treat an already existing condition. When you engage in physical activity make sure that you warm up gradually instead of just jumping right into it. Increase the intensity of your workout slowly over time as well. Also be sure that you are wearing the right shoes for your foot type and for the activity you are doing. If you overpronate, get a pair that offers more sturdy support, and if you have high arches get a pair with more cushioning. If you run on uneven ground be careful about where you step, as this could be a minefield for twisting your ankle. Lastly, pay attention to your body. If you are in pain or something doesn’t feel right, cease and desist. Never push your body past its limits.

If you have questions about an ankle sprain call Dr. Marco Vargas and Dr. Joyce Lee at (888) 784-5335 to schedule an appointment in our Houston or Sugar Land, TX offices. Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists is here to help you stay healthy and active.

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