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This holiday season there are sure to be many fun times—watching little ones open presents, seeing all the fantastic decorations, spending lots of time with family, and more. If you are experiencing the pain and discomfort that comes with bunions, however, it can put a real damper on the holiday season.

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The good news is that there’s a variety of ways to get relief of bunion pain at home. You can start by simply switching your shoes. For you ladies out there, try to avoid the narrow, tight, high-heeled pumps as much as you can. They may look great, but those shoes put a lot of pressure on your big toe joint, right where bunions are found. (Guys, you should also avoid narrow and pointy shoes if you are concerned about bunions.)

Instead, find a sensible pair that offer plenty of room in the toe box area —don’t worry, there are stylish ones out there if you look hard enough! Besides, if you wear these roomy ones frequently, then you can bring out the fashionable pair for special occasions.

If after one of those special nights, however, you have soreness from your bunion, apply ice for 10 to 20 minutes at a time by using a thin cloth between your skin and the ice. Anti-inflammatory medication can also help to ease pain and swelling. Bunion pads and moleskin patches can protect your feet inside your shoes too. In addition, there are stretches that can reduce discomfort as well.

Bunion issues aren’t fun, but with the right amount of care, you will be able to weather the holiday season just fine. If you are experiencing any major difficulty, though, come see Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists in Sugar Land, TX. We are here to help with bunions, sports injuries, heel pain and any other foot and ankle problems you might be experiencing. In order to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marco Vargas, call (888) 784-5335 today.

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