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Texas high school track and field is off and running… Okay, that was a bit cheesy, but it is track season and time to talk about shin splints. Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists cares about Sugar Land high school athletes and hopes that they are able to compete pain-free. Unfortunately, we see enough to know that injuries happen during athletic competition.

Flat Feet Front

When you suffer a shin splint, make an appointment to come see us. One of the possible root causes for a shin splint is that you have a stress fracture. There are various home remedies you can do that will help you manage the condition in the meantime, including:

  • Rest – Take a break from the activities that cause swelling, discomfort, and pain. Instead of doing nothing, though, try low-impact activities like bicycling, water running, or swimming.
  • Ice – Icing your affected shin(s) for 20 to 30 minutes four to eight times a day for two to three days will help. Make sure you wrap ice or ice packs in a thin towel to protect your skin.
  • Medication – Check with Dr. Vargas first, but nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help you manage the pain and swelling that accompanies shin splints. Ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin should help with symptoms, but be cautious of potential side effects. Once again, call or stop by our office for advice first.
  • Orthotics – If you have been prescribed a pair of orthotics, wear them to help prevent your arches from collapsing or flattening when you stand up. This will help take the pressure off of your shins.

When you are ready to resume your normal activities, make sure you gradually ramp up your intensity, duration, and frequency. If you attempt to do too much too soon, you might aggravate a condition that isn’t completely healed.

As Sugar Land’s premier podiatric practice, we serve the greater Houston, TX, community by helping you and your loved ones overcome a wide range of foot, ankle, and lower leg injuries like shin splints. Our website is full of useful information so you can learn about various conditions, including treatment and prevention measures. When you want the Lone Star State’s best, give us a call at (888) 784-5335 and Dr. Marco Vargas will ensure that you get the treatment you need. You can also use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment today.

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