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Minimalist shoes are hard to miss. You have probably seen them displayed in a sports store or perhaps you saw a pair on a passerby and did a double take. Either way, minimalist shoes are making their mark on runners, sports enthusiasts and podiatrists.

They come in assorted colors, styles and weigh less than regular running shoes. Some are built sturdier than others, but all are trying to simulate barefoot running. Barefoot running is said to be a natural way to build muscles in your feet. However, that is debatable, and even the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) doesn’t have enough information to confirm if wearing minimalist shoes are good or bad.

You may have heard of some common brands such as Vibram FiveFingers, Nike Free and Newton Running. Below Dr. Vargas has come up with a few key points about each type of minimalist footwear.

Vibram FiveFingers

  • Has a variety of types for activities
  • Fit like a glove and each toe has its own snug section
  • Made with a rubber outsole, microfiber and fabric

Nike Free

  • Has multiple options for your specific activity
  • Skin like fit and adapts to changes with the foot while running
  • Provides support to the midsole, heel and traction

Newton Running

  • Has multiple types for your specific running needs
  • Provides cushioning, protection and light weight feel
  • Offers a level-to-the-ground, which supports a natural running motion

Remember that the type of footwear you use IS important to the health of your feet. You want to investigate, weigh your options and work with Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists. This is especially true if you have existing foot condition. It is important that your find the right pair of shoes for your activities.

If you are thinking of using a minimalist shoe, consult with Dr. Vargas before you start using them. To schedule an appointment you can call our Sugar Land office at (281) 313-0090 or the Richmond/Rosenberg office at (281) 342-8700.

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