5 Things You Should Know About Lunula Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Lunula Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus



Are you feeling embarrassed about wearing sandals? At Vargas Foot
and Ankle Specialists, We offer a specialized treatment called Lunula
Laser Therapy which treats the fungus focused on your nail and will
help you have healthy, solid,and clean nails faster.

We all know how uncomfortable and unpleasant it can be to have toenail fungus.
It’s annoying, itchy, and causes discomfort when showing your feet in public. But
if you have a toenail fungus and don’t know how to treat it, don’t worry; at Vargas
Foot & Ankle Specialists, we have the perfect therapy for you! Continue reading.

What is Lunula Laser therapy?

It is a treatment that will help you turn disfigured and discolored nails into clear
and healthy-looking nails. In addition, the innovative Lunula foot fungus laser has
none of the risks and harmful side effects of oral antifungal medications and is
painless, unlike other laser therapies.

How does it work?

It is a red and violet laser that provides a very innovative and multifaceted
approach to low-level laser therapy in the form of 2 different wavelengths to the
a몭ected area. This laser uses photonic energy to regulate cellular reactions that
target the fungus without adverse reactions in the toe or foot.

The violet beam triggers a photochemical reaction, producing reactive oxygen
species converted to Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antiseptic that targets fungal nail infections.
Lunula’s 635 nm red beam targets the blood vessels in the toe. The red beam
triggers another photochemical reaction, producing Adenosine triphosphate,
converted to Nitric Oxide.

The combined effect of Lunula aids the natural immune response, targeting the

The low-level laser therapy, Lunula Laser, brings new hope to people suffering
from nail fungus because it is safe and e몭ective; it is the 몭rst and only nonthermal laser FDA-cleared for targeting onychomycosis. Learn why:

  1. No heat, pain, or downtime

If you are afraid of feeling pain during treatment, don’t worry, you will be
completely safe. The advantage of this technology is that it is not risky at all, is
safe and effective, and, best of all, will help you have strong and healthy nails.

  1. New clear nail growth at six months

Lunula Laser therapy will help you grow strong nails over approximately six
months if you are committed to your sessions. During this time, your nails can
produce about 6.1 mm.

  1. 12-minute treatment!

If you are on a tight schedule, this procedure is what you need! Your therapy will
be performed quickly and effciently in as little as 12 minutes. You won’t have to
wait, and best of all, you will feel very comfortable because, at Vargas Foot ankle
specialists, we have the best equipment to treat your fungus in the best way

  1. Treats all five toes at once

Did you think therapy was going to treat just one nail? Instead, we tell you that it
effectively treats all your toenails, keeping in mind that the fungus can spread
simultaneously to the other nails causing pain and irritation.

  1. Results proven through Level 1 clinical trials.

We have Sugar Land, TX’s best toe fungus doctors if you suffer from this
condition. In addition, we provide advanced technology solutions like Lunula
Laser Therapy that can find the cause of your foot pain and help you to heal fast.
During your appointment, we will take the time to answer all your questions
about our advanced treatments and technology, our flexible payment options, and
anything else you may want to know about us!