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Prescription orthotics are also referred to as custom orthotics. It is a specially designed medical device after the evaluation and diagnosis of a podiatrist. 

A podiatrist must examine the foot problem’s details and contours before manufacturing to provide the support and cushion that the foot needs.

Custom orthotics are commonly used to prevent and treat foot problems like shin splints, tendonitis, and lower limb disorders. However, the choice of prescription orthotics varies depending on the age and sex of the patients as well as the podiatrist’s assessment of the feet.

What are the classifications of prescription orthotics?

There are two significant classifications of prescription custom orthotics, namely.

  1. Accommodative orthotics

Accommodative custom orthotics are also known as soft orthotics. It is made from soft materials like EVA foam and gel and is efficient in relieving heel pain and discomfort. In addition, soft orthotics treat foot problems like Arthritis, deformed feet, and diabetic wounds.

Soft orthotics are flexible, improve shock absorption and provide pressure relief. Compared to functional orthotics, it supports the body in its current position and offers more support and cushion for arthritic joints.

2. Functional orthotics

Functional custom orthotics are also known as rigid orthotics because they are made from hard materials like carbon and plastic. It treats foot problems such as Arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunion deformities, neuromas, and neuromuscular conditions, among many others.

Rigid orthotics are hard on the foot and realign the body and foot with a limited range of motion. It might not be easy at first use, but with time your feet adjust, and movement is more effortless.

For Achilles tendonitis treatment, functional orthotics support the middle of the foot and relieves the strain in that area. It is also used in treating leg, thigh, and lower back pains, and it helps take the load off. In addition, rigid orthotics provide arch support for plantar fasciitis treatment.

Compared to accommodative orthotics, functional orthotics are more durable and last longer. It also easily fits into casual shoes and fashion footwear, although it may be too complex and takes a long time to break in and for the users to adjust.

The minor classifications of custom orthotics include.

●      Semi-rigid custom orthotics

Semi-rigid custom orthotics are a combination of functional and accommodative orthotics. They provide better support and relief as they are crafted with hard and soft materials. It can be prescribed for people with foot problems arising from diabetes and Arthritis. Athletes also use them during training and competitions to help relieve pain. 

●      Child custom orthotics

Child orthotics are not permanent. These orthotics are used for treating foot deformities and the child’s walking pattern from an early age. They stabilize the foot and give biomechanical support. Child custom orthotics can be replaced as the child grows.

●      Sport-related orthotics

Sport-related orthotics are specially designed for athletes to help improve their performance and prevent and relieve pain. In addition, they enhance the bio alignment of the body and the energy transfer between the body and feet. 

What is the difference between prescription orthotics and over-the-counter (OTC) shoe inserts?

They are cheaper than prescription orthotics and could also aggravate your foot symptoms, worsen your pain and result in expensive treatment plans.

Podiatrist prescription orthotics are more expensive because of the time and effort to craft the piece. It involves the use of high-quality materials, creating the mold of your feet, analysis of the foot contours and arches, as well as the specifications of the podiatrists. 

The use of OTC is generic. Over-the-counter shoe inserts are store-bought insoles that are not specific to your foot problems. OTCs provide immediate relief and cushioning to your feet. 

Custom orthotics are personalized treatments that prevent further injuries and put your feet into a healthier and more accurate position to boost the efficiency of your physical health.

Unlike over-the-counter shoes, prescription orthotics are specially designed to fit your activities, are very durable, and are more comfortable.

If you require a specialized foot treatment, you should invest in prescription orthotics to enjoy the value of your health.


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