What Is Toenail Fungus



What you need to know about this condition and how we can help
you to treat it.

We hardly pay attention to our toenails! We never notice them until we discover
they change color or get thicker. But did you know that toenail fungus is a
widespread problem worldwide? Don’t worry! If you think you have, eventually, it
will cure with adequate care and treatment.

Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common condition that a몭ects
toenails. Usually begins as a yellow or white spot under your nails and can cause
infections or severe damage to them if they are untreated.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

Do you have a smelly odor, burn, and itch in your toenails? Do they have white
spots on them? Have they thickened or become brittle?

If these symptoms sound familiar to you, you probably have toenail fungus. The
good news is that it won’t last forever! However, you have to know that nail fungus
doesn’t go away by itself, and if you don’t treat it, there’s a big chance it could get
worse, causing much pain when you walk and spreading to other nails.

You should also seek treatment for nail fungus if your toenails have a strange odor
when you remove your shoes or socks.

Who gets fungal infections?

Usually, men are more likely to get it than women. The older people are, the better
chances they have. Also, people who smoke have a weak immune system, su몭er
from diabetes, or have athlete’s feet are propensity to get a fungal infection on the

Your feet are also more liable to be exposed to toenail fungus if you:

Use sweaty socks for an extended period
Spend a long period at swimming pools
Wear the same pair of damp, sweaty sneakers all the time and never wash them
Injure your toenail
Have proximity to someone who has nail fungus, especially if you live with that person

Get rid of your toenail fungus ASAP.

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fungus! Lunula Laser treatment is very effective because it targets the fungus and
stimulates new clear nail growth. This treatment is a procedure that treats all 몭ve
toes at once and doesn’t cause heat, pain, or downtime.

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