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Spring is around the corner! If you haven’t participated in many outdoor activities
due to the winter weather, you’re probably excited to go outside for a run, jog, or
return to playing sports. If that sounds like you, know that going out and being
active after an extended period of inactivity can cause foot problems, especially if
you don’t have supportive exercise shoes! Thankfully, our expert for women’s foot
care in Houston has steps you can take to keep your feet pain-free.

What Causes Foot Problems?

After being inactive for a period, rapidly picking up sports or running outside can
stress your feet and heels. Contact with hard surfaces, like concrete, and more
variation in elevation can cause pain and the following conditions:

Plantar fasciitis — inflammation of the thick muscle that connects the heel
to the ball of the foot.

Achilles tendinitis — an overuse injury that causes inflammation of the
tendon that connects the heel to the calf. This condition can also cause ankle

Stress fracture — a small fracture in any of the bones in the feet and ankles.

How To Choose Shoes

It is essential to choose shoes that support the plantar fascia and heels and avoid
flip flops, which offer little to no arch support. When you’re shopping for athletic
shoes, make sure that the middle of the shoe supports your arches, and the back
of the shoes should grip your heels as you walk. If you play a specific sport,
consider getting shoes that are designed especially for that sport. Always try on
shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are largest.

If Your Feet Hurt

If you experience foot or ankle pain after returning to exercise, you should follow
R.I.C.E.: Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Stay off your feet for a while, apply ice
to the painful area, use a compression band, and elevate the foot. Before returning
to exercise, practice foot stretches and make sure to ease back in to avoid future
issues. Don’t hesitate to contact our podiatrist for an evaluation if you continue to
experience foot pain!

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