Foot Care In Sugar Land Specialist a Guide to Softer and remove that dead skin



Many people suffer from dry feet or callused heels and are unsure how to improve
their skin texture. Thankfully, our specialist for women’s foot care in Sugar Land has
some helpful tips to make your feet softer and remove that dead skin!

What Causes Dry Feet?

Dead skin on the feet and heels builds due to lack of moisture and wearing closed
shoes or socks for extended periods. Dryness can also be due to friction from
walking or running and not regularly caring for your feet.

Common Symptoms

Dead skin does not cause any pain and appears on the bottom of your foot as
cracked, dry, or loose. Be aware that other foot conditions, such as athlete’s foot,
eczema, or skin infections, can also cause dryness and cracking. See our
podiatrist if you believe you may have one of these conditions. If not, there are
steps you can take to remove the dead skin and bring back your healthy feet!

Tips for Removing Dead Skin

For the thickest part of your dry or cracked skin, you can start with a scrubbing
tool, such as:

Pumice stone. A natural stone that can help remove dead skin and calluses. Wet
the stone and move it in a circular motion over your feet to remove dead skin.

Epsom salt. Soak your feet in an Epsom salt solution to soften the skin on your

Foot scrubs. You can buy foot scrubs that are designed to remove dead skin.
Alternatively, you can make your own at home with sea salt, baby oil, and lemon

Oatmeal scrub. Make your scrub at home! Combine oatmeal and milk to create a
paste, put it on your feet for 20-30 minutes, and then use a foot brush to scrub
your feet. Rinse and let dry.

After any method, make sure to apply lotion to your skin to maintain moisture!
You should avoid scrubbing if you have diabetes, as you may accidentally create a
dangerous cut or sore, and never try to remove a callus with sharp objects –
contact our podiatrist instead!

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