Foot Care In Sugar Land Specialist Caring For a Blister



You have likely experienced a blister in your lifetime. Blisters form on your heel or
other parts of your foot, usually after you’ve forgotten to wear socks or after
wearing stiff new shoes. If you have a blister, you may be tempted to pop it to
relieve your discomfort. Don’t! Popping a blister can cause more pain and further
foot issues. Our specialist for women’s foot care in Sugar Land explains how to
properly care for a blister here.

How Are Blisters Treated?

Blisters tend to heal on their own. However, some blisters may be particularly
large or painful. If you don’t suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or another
serious condition (the risk of infection is serious for people with health problems),
there is a method to drain it yourself at home and relieve the pressure:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly
  2. Wash the blister and the surrounding area
  3. Apply iodine to the area
  4. Sterilize a sharp needle with rubbing alcohol
  5. Pierce carefully around the blister’s edge, leaving the skin intact
  6. Cover with an antibiotic ointment, place a bandage and wrap gauze around
    the area.

Check your blister regularly for infection and contact our podiatrist if any signs of
infection appear.

Why Can’t I Just Pop It?

Small to moderate-sized blisters tend to heal on their own. The skin that covers
the fluid acts as a barrier between the wound and outside dirt and bacteria.
Popping a blister exposes raw skin and can lead to infection and make the healing
process longer and extremely painful. Your body will naturally reabsorb the
blister if you opt to not drain it.

Further Considerations

If you see pus, have excessive swelling, or the blister becomes red and painful, you
may have an infection. In this case, you should immediately visit our podiatrist,
especially if you have diabetes, as an infection can cause extremely dangerous

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